Facts and Fictions related to Creatine Bodybuilding Supplements

It is understandable that Bodybuilding supplements have also their truths and myths because of their popularity.Finding out the truth from what actually isn’t will help you understand Creatine bodybuilding supplements better.

Myth: Creatine is harmful to the kidneys and liver
The truth is that creatine bodybuilding supplements can only cause damage if there already is a pre-existing medical condition in the liver or kidneys.Studies show that football players using creatine bodybuilding supplements with the level of 15.75 gram per day showed no effect on renal or kidney stress markers.In another study,Facts and Fictions related to Creatine Bodybuilding Supplements Articles creatine did not adversely affect kidney function in 36 healthy male and female athletes who consumed 10g of creatine daily.

Myth: More creatine intake equals better results
Truth: According to research, at 0.1 grams per kilogram of bodyweight, male athletes excrete 46% of the ingested creatine from bodybuilding supplements within 24 hours.For a bodybuilder or athlete who consumes 10-20 grams of creatine bodybuilding supplements, this equals 4.6g or 9.2g of creatine wasted.In another study, it was also confirmed that lower doses of creatine monohydrate (5g/day) are effective, achieving good results even without a loading phase.

Myth: Creatine can cause excessive water retention
this has been disproven by a study after it was found out that after three months of creatine use, test subjects showed no significant increase in water retention.As a matter of fact, creatine has shown to have to have increased the subjects’ gains in total body mass and fat-free mass.Sodium is probably responsible for this fallacy because it can be found in inferior creatine bodybuilding supplements.When these products are cheaply manufactured, there is excess sodium remaining in the finished products.

Myth: Creatine is better in liquid than in powdered form
Truth: Creatine in the form of powdered bodybuilding supplement is extremely stable compared to liquid form – in fact, you may not even be able to get creatine, but creatinine, which is a by-product of creatine breakdown.Creatine breaks down into creatinine, which is worthless to bodybuilding, when exposed to acidic environments or Six Star Testosterone Booster  moistures for a long period of time; therefore it is important to drink creatine shakes by the end of the day.

Myth: Creatine affects the body’s anabolic hormone function
Research has found out that the anabolic hormone response is not affected by creatine even during workouts.Anabolic hormones include the growth hormone, testosterone, and cortisol.The same research actually suggests that stacking creatine with prohormones or growth hormone secretagogues might actually be beneficial.

Myth: Creatine use is not 100% safe
Creatine is not totally risk-free but it is, as a fact, non-toxic.As with all other nutritional or bodybuilding supplements, those with pre-existing medical conditions should never take creatine or other bodybuilding supplements as it can do terrible harm to the body.The best course of action, if you are unsure, is to consult with a physician.

There are several other myths regarding creatine.Along with other bodybuilding supplements in the market, creatine must not be used irresponsibly and carelessly and always keep in mind, proper knowledge always helps.

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